The Lamzac Hangout Inflatable Air Lounge

What Exactly is the Lamzac Hangout Inflatable Couch?


Perfect for festivals,camping or just chilling in the park. Just pick it up and fill it up in seconds and you are GOOD to GO! A super comfy chilling, maxin’ relaxin’ air bed, lounge, chair, beanbag or sofa… Whichever way you want to call it!

Videos are poping up across the internet about the inflatable couch called the Lamzac Hangout. It is a great invention and I can totally see myself chilling on it at a festival, camping, the seaside or just straight up chilling behind the house.

So where does the word derive from? It is a dutch word lamzak – which literally means lazy ass

You can inflate it with up to +300 liters of air in just a few seconds and it holds up to 200kg – more than enough for you and your friend. The best thing about it, is that, it folds up in a nice an convenient bag – the size of a potato chips bag! It is extremely lightweight and comes in 6 colors.

It weighs only 1.5kg or 3.3lbs, which makes it ultra portable, perfect for carrying to your favorite chilling spot!

The demand is huge! You have to preorder it and they can only ship it June 15th 2016. But there are alternatives (some are even better)!

Where can you use the lamzac hangout?

You can use it on concrete without any problem. Even on rocks and sticks if they are not to sharp and pointy. The surface area is big enough to nicely distribute the weight.

How long does it hold air?

The material is nylon ripstop and by itself it doesn’t hold air that good, but the inner coating is made out of a PVC material, so the inflatable lounge bag will hold air for hours. Anyway, it is not hard to re-inflate it, it just takes a couple of seconds. If you are planning to use this as a sleeping mattress, we wouldn’t advise it, as it is not insulated and you would probably get cold pretty quick.

Concrete yes, no problem, rocks (if not too pointy) yes, sticks depends. The Lamzac surface area that will divide your weight (and of a friend, potentially) on the ground is quite large, meaning that smaller sticks shouldn’t be a problem whatsoever.

The material this is Nylon-Ripstop. This is a material using a special reinforcing technique, making them resistant to normal wear and tear. This is the same material used for parachutes, tents, sails, banners and is extremely lightweight & durable.

While inflatable furniture is nothing new – you remember the 90’s inflatable chairs that made you dizzy trying to inflate it? Well, the Lamzac is something different, with a flick of a wrist you can inflate it and you are good to go. Voila, an inflatable super comfortable couch!

How can you order?

For now, the original is only available in Europe and is sold by FatBoy and they are out of stock until they restock. You have some alternatives available, like the Kaisr which was featured on, The laybag at, Layzee Bag at and others.

Why aren’t they available on google shopping or

Like we said, the demand for Lamzac hangout is more than they can take. But… We have them in stock and you can get them before anyone else does! For those of you in the USA, you will be able to get them on and google shopping soon!

It is built out of two tubes with pvc coating, making it even more durable and tear resistant. At the opening point, you have 2 straps, nicely clicking together to hold it.

Spending time outdoor can be fan and wearisome, especially if you do not have a convenient place to sit down and relax. However, with the new product in the market which is nylon ripstop lamzac hangout, this is about to change. This is a unique new product that is designed as a bag that is filled with air in a matter of seconds. Moreover, the product comes is various sizes depending on the number of people you want to accommodate. There are other products you can use outdoor for the same purpose as this air bag, but none of them can be comfortable and flexible like this particular product. There is more than one option if you want to get it online – the laybag, kaisr original are just two of them.

What is This Product Made Of?

The lamzac hangout is not only comfortable but durable nylon ripstop lamzac hangoutas well. That is because it is made of ripstop, which is abrasion resistant nylon. You can place it on any ground without getting damaged. Another benefit of this material is that it is also easy to fold, which makes it easy to store the air bag when you are not using it. Nylon ripstop is also easy to clean, and you do not need special solutions to remove dirt or keep it dry.

How Much Does It Weigh?

The nylon ripstop lamzac weighs about two point eight pounds. This is the actual weight standard, when pressure is not applied. However, that does not mean that the bag cannot hold excess weight. This unique outdoor lounger can hold up to four hundred and forty pounds and still be in good shape. Furthermore, the material used to create it is strong and can stay under pressure for a long period.

Where Can You Use It?

It has proved to be convenient for any outdoor activity. Either you are going out for camping, hunting or hiking. You can carry this bag with you to make sure that you have a comfortable place to sit. Furthermore, you no longer have to sleep on the ground next time you engage in outdoor activity since you can take it with you.

Another factor you need to acknowledge about this, is that you can use it as a couch or as a bed. That means it can serve two purposes. Moreover, it is large and can actually accommodate up to four people without busting. Whether the surface is rough or soft, all you need to do is unfold the bag and fill it with air.

The Size Of Nylon Ripstop Lamzac Hangout

Nylon rip-stop lamzac hangout has a length of two hundred and sixty centimeters, and the width is seventy centimeters. However, when it is folded it measures thirty-five centimeters in length and eighteen centimeters in width. That is why the bag is easy to carry and manage since it is not heavy and very small when it is not inflated with air.

The New Nylon Ripstop Lamzac

There have been other versions of lamzac hangout that were introduced in Netherlands before the new designs were invented. However, the old designs did not meet the market standards, and they were not durable as well. This caused the founder, to fine tune the product and in twenty fifteen the inflatable hangout was introduced. This version turned out to be amazing for using in music festivals, mountains, parks and also in the snow.

Even though this particular design did meet the quality standards that the consumers expected, the manufactured decided to create even an advanced design that could be more reliable than the lamzac hangout. As a result nylon ripstop lamzac hangout was created and it proved to be more durable than the other designs that were introduced before it.

How Long Does Lamzac Last On A Single Fill?

This airbag is easy to set up, and it has an easy mechanism for feeling the air. However, you also need to understand that even though nylon ripstop lamzac hangout can handle a lot of pressure it does not last the whole day or night. The more you use it, the more air it loses air. However, it can stay inflated for as long as you want since you can feel the bag with air again in a matter of seconds.

How To Deflate The Nylon ripstop Lamzac Hangout

The good thing about this unique air bag is that you can deflate it in a matter of seconds. All you are required to do is unclip the opening area and roll it back out. After you grab the other side of the bag specifically where the label of the bag is attached, roll it upwards towards the opening side of the bag. As you do this, the entire bag will roll up and fold it to fit a carrying pouch that comes with it.

Benefits Of Nylon Ripstop

Nylon ripstop lamzac hangout is comfortable than other similar chairs or sofas used for outdoor relaxation. Furthermore, this is easy to carry and provides excellent comfort to those who use it. Another benefit is that it is easy to carry since it is not heavy. Moreover, you can carry it for any outdoor activity, and you do not need to carry any extra equipment for feeling the bag with air.

Another strong point is that you can use it as a bed or as a couch. During the day you can use it as a sofa and during the night, it becomes your resting place. For those who engage in outdoor activity more often, you no longer have to carry a sleeping bag and a chair for comfort since this product can meet this needs. There are some very good and better alternatives available on the market, such as the SwaaG lounger.